W. Bloomfield man capitalizes on Internet clips with videoburst

For David Mayer, the sign that an Internet
video company was viable came with the debut of YouTube. He knew it was
time to start such a company, videoburst, when YouTube’s popularity
shot through the roof.

“Broadband reached enough people that most people watch video on the Internet now,” Mayer says. “YouTube has 30 billion views per month. There wasn’t even a YouTube five years ago.”

That sort of success has allowed the 2-year-old videoburst
to go from Mayer alone to a staff of three employees and four
independent contractors. He expects to have a staff of 15 people within
the next year as websites demand ever more video material.

West Bloomfield-based company continues to fill that need, making videos
for doctors, cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, and industrial
companies. Mayer plans to hire an in-house acting troupe to create
funnier, improv-style material for its clients who want to attract more
traffic to their sights.

“Businesses are recognizing how video
can help them enable growth,” Mayer says. “It’s not just cool to have a
video on your website. You can use video to draw people to your website.
Video is a huge distinguishing feature for a website. It increases the
chances people will stay longer.”

Source: David Mayer, owner of videoburst
Writer: Jon Zemke

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