Total Door Systems is a World Leader in Manufacturing in Oakland County

Total Door

is the only total door system in the world. It is the last American-made door company and 99% of the materials they use are American-made, with 90% being made right here in Michigan. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Council recently honored the “underdog” company for its sustainable practices and for putting American manufacturing with American-made products made with quality and integrity back on the manufacturing map (or, rather, keeping them there). Total Door Systems contain 25% recycled steel content, 80% post-consumer content and 20% post-industrial content.
Most of the independent American manufacturers have been absorbed by two large foreign conglomerates. Currently over 85% of the industry is controlled by these conglomerates and over 80% of their product is now produced overseas. Total Door is a local, family-owned company that has been in operation since 1957. Founded by Leon and Christine Yulkowski, Total Door is a world leader in integrated door systems. They recently relocated to Waterford to a new environmentally-friendly manufacturing and training facility as well as world headquarters to accommodate the growing company’s new technologies and quality systems.
Total Door got its start when Leon was working as an architect on the home of  J. Irwin Miller, CEO of Cummins Engine Company Inc. While working on the home, he found the American doors they were using ineffective; the mechanisms used to secure the lock weren’t able to maintain the security of the door hardware.
Leon, saw this as a challenge. He decided he would develop an innovative lever system by reengineering component parts from Europe. Based on this innovation, he launched General Lock Company, and his lock design has changed the way American doors were made. His design became the industry standard and is still widely used to this day.
But General Lock Company was, as you might guess, strictly a lock company. And Total Door is, as the name implies, a total door company. Leon continued to develop and innovate specific styles of locks, then in 1972 he sold the company. As part of the terms of the sale, Leon agreed he and his wife would stay out of the door lock business. But just as bodies in motion must stay in motion, entrepreneurs who innovate must continue innovating. So instead of getting back into the door lock business, Leon got into the total door business. And this was how Total Door was born.
Now Leon’s and Christine’s daughter, Patricia Yulkowski, runs the show. Having an architecture background herself, Patricia has had the vision to bring the company into the 21st century with new technologies and a more streamlined management process to better manage the more than 50 employees now working for the company.
Total Door offers complete integrated door systems through a nationwide network of independent distributors, offering all-inclusive services including installation and service. Only factory-trained installers are authorized to install Total Door systems, and the company’s distributors are supported by Total Door’s service department, which is comprised of master technicians and regional managers.
Part of what makes Total Door systems unique is that all parts and component installation is done in a controlled factory setting, each part tested rigorously on-site. Total Door systems are also fire-tested as a full system and are ADA compliant, maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance in the industry and providing a superior product with a longer life cycle more efficiently and cost effectively than competitors currently import.
While supporting local manufacturing on its own merit is indeed good for the local economy, such support only goes so far if the company produces an inferior product. Total Door is a world leader in its industry and the only company of its kind in the world. It upholds ethical, sustainable business practices and an unwaivering commitment to quality. And it’s not just an American company. It’s a Michigan company, based right here in Oakland County.