Public Encouraged to Attend Meeting on Housing Issues in Oakland County

Oakland County is in the process of drawing up their Consolidated Plan to direct their programming for housing, community development and public service needs for the next five years. And they’re asking the public to submit their views and help shape that plan on Sept. 23 at 2:00 p.m. at the Oakland County Executive Office Conference Center.

Currently being developed for 2011-2015, the Consolidated Plan establishes priorities for critical funding like Community Development Block Grants, HOME Investment Partnerhips and Emergency Shelter Grant Funds, which Oakland County receives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In the planning process, the public is encouraged to identify housing, homeless, human service and community development needs – especially those for low-income residents, neighborhoods and persons with special needs.

The Oakland County Executive Office Conference Center is located at 2100 Pontiac Lake Road, Building 41 West, Waterford, Michigan, west of Telegraph Rd. If you can’t attend, but wish to submit written comments, address them to: Oakland County Community & Home Improvement, Attn: Carla Spradlin, Oakland Pointe Suite 1900, 250 Elizabeth Lake Rd., Pontiac, MI 48341-0414, or email For more information, call (248) 858-5312.

Source: Karry Rieth, Manager, Oakland County Community & Home Improvement