Oakland Community College wraps up renovation projects

Oakland Community College has seen a
flurry of improvement projects alongside its summer classes, ranging
from parking lot paving to new doors.

Nearly $2 million in
improvements began earlier this year at several campuses. At the Orchard
Ridge campus, it was discovered that the emergency structural
investigations were not as serious a concern as previously thought.
Replacement of the emergency generator, distribution panels, and
lighting in Building J is being finished up with an end date of
approximately late August.

Improvements at the Highland Lake
campus, including parking lot repaving and the addition of lighting and
handicap accessibility to the Campus Pavilion, will wrap up in September
on schedule and a bit under budget, “which is always good news,” says
George Cartsonis, OCC’s director of college communications.

a little more time than planned is the replacement of 152 campus doors,
as the bidding process just closed. Cartsonis said it’ll likely be
several months before that project is completed, by January at the
latest. New doors might not seem a high priority, but with students
swinging them open and shut for decades, “they do get worn,” he says.

said the 76,000 students, attending classes all day nearly every day, 
make for a lot of wear and tear on the five campus locations. “It’s one
of our top priorities, to have as safe and attractive an environment as
we possibly can,” he says. “We get a great deal of traffic through the
year. It needs constant tending to.”

Earlier this summer, OCC
announced it would also begin work on repairing and replacing some of
the roads at the Auburn Hills and Orchard Ridge campuses, and installing
stair and aisle handrails at the Orchard Ridge campus’ Smith Theatre,
amounting to another $2.5 million in improvements. However, the board of
directors is holding off on making any other improvement plans until
after the Aug. 3 millage renewal vote.

Source: George
Cartsonis, director of college communications, Oakland Community College

Kristin Lukowski