Xconomy profiles NextWave business incubator in Troy

Could Metro Detroit’s next generation of
entrepreneur come, partly, from the NextWave small business incubator in
Troy? Xconomy seems to think so in a story about where the new
for-profit incubator is heading.


Skinner, CEO of NextWave Media Studios and part owner of the just-opened
NextWave business space in Troy, MI, describes her new digs as a
“different animal” from your average incubator.

It is more than
just shared office space, she says. “If we deem that your company has
good prospects, then we’re going to throw all of our resources into it,”
Skinner says. “We’re going to help you with building a business plan,
marketing, access to capital.”

Not only that, but NextWave gives
its chosen companies “very aggressive growth objectives” within certain
periods of time, she says. If they succeed, then they can advance and
get bigger and better offices, and even a flag on the NextWave flagpole.

not a ‘Survivor’ ‘you’re off the island,’ but it’s not an indefinite
‘we’re going to support you forever’ kind of thing,” Skinner says.

the rest of the story here.