With Meritor gift, The Henry Ford plans to turn history into teacher of innovation

A $100,000 gift from Troy-based Meritor,Inc. will fund a pilot program launched by The Henry Ford to bring lessons and information on innovation skills to schoolchildren.

The innovation-based curriculum uses 21st-century digital media to awaken the history of scientists and creators to a new generation of kids. Called the Innovation Education Incubator, the pledge from Meritor will kickstart a pilot program of resources like oral histories by Bill Gates and an original Apple 1 computer in the classrooms of Henry Ford academies in Dearborn and Detroit. Henry Ford Teacher Fellows and a handful out-of-state teachers will be sent out to public, private and charter schools across Michigan to begin teaching the science of creating in the classroom.


The Henry Ford plans to expand the Innovation Education Incubator
pilot to classrooms across the country once it has been tested and

“What we want to have is widespread adoption of it,” Mooradian said.
“Right now, as far as we know, innovation isn’t being taught through a
formal curriculum – we think it’s a great tool to be used nationally.”

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