Troy’s ilumisys sets sights on expansion of LED market

Troy-based ilumisys sees some big future
gains for its lighting products, especially the growing LED market.

subsidiary of Altair
expects to hire as many as 200 people over the next five
years as the LED light movement gains traction. LED lights are the
ultra-energy-efficient lights that are seen as the next generation of
lighting and eventual replacement of fluorescent tube lights, like CFLs.

can safely be assumed that LEDs can take 10 percent of the fluorescent
tube market,” says David Simon, president of ilumisys. “That becomes a very large

That market checks in at about $10 billion, and LEDs are
seen as the primary successor to it. So much so that ilumisys is
increasingly drawing on its parent company’s resources to meet its
demand, stepping up its research and development efforts by 50 percent
in 2009.

“Many, many people from Altair Engineering contribute
to ilumisys,” Simon says. “This is one of the advantages of being part
of a global company.”

David Simon, president of ilumisys

Writer: Jon Zemke