Troy tech-firm Copper Range expands staff, client list

Copper Range is the classic new economy business, a place where a computer scientist and a businessman team up to create a growing tech firm.

The Troy-based company specializes in everything from secure data exchange solutions to providing safety and remote guarding access systems for things like construction sites or events.  Its Rules Based Jobsite Access Control™software utilizes wireless devices and all-digital web-based solutions that are proving attractive to business owners.

“All of these products are integrated,” says Randall Ray, president & CEO of Copper Range. “We can sell you the whole enchilada or part of it to integrate into your system.”

The 10-year-old company’s recent growth has allowed it to hire two people over the last year, rounding its staff out to half a dozen employees, a handful of independent contractors and the occasional intern. Ray expects Copper Range to continue to grow as the tech market trends more toward wireless communications, especially the migration to 4G systems.

“You can do a lot of things wirelessly today that you couldn’t do before,” Ray says. “That is where the growth is. We’re capitalizing on that.”

Source: Randall Ray, president & CEO of Copper Range
Writer: Jon Zemke

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