Troy-based tech startup brings hunter education into 21st century

Jim Moore was working for Remington Arms when he noticed a gap in the hunter education market. That’w when he decided to start his own business, a tech startup called Hunter Ed Course.

The Troy-based company provides state-required hunter education through online courses. The courses enable people to purchase hunting and fishing licenses with a few key strokes from the comfort of their own home.

“It is a good chance to bring change and disruption to the hunter education market,” Moore says. “That hasn’t happened since hunter education’s inception in the 1940s.”

For decades if you wanted to buy a hunting license, you needed to sit through a couple hours or hunting classes that teach everything from safety to how to field dress game. Users can purchase hunter education online courses through Hunter Ed Course for as little as $13.

Moore has been working on the company for the last three years. It now employs six people after recently hiring a marketing person. The company is in 20 states right now, up from 14 last year, and looking to continue expanding its geographic footprint in hunter-friendly states for the rest of 2015 and 2016.

“We have a strong Midwestern presence with Wisconsin and Michigan,” Moore says. “We are probably strongest in the southeastern states.”

Source: Jim Moore, president of Hunter Ed Course
Writer: Jon Zemke

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