Troy-based MBM Computer System Solutions grows to 50 people

MBM Computer System Solutions
has a good average working for it. With a staff of 50 people (plus
interns) after about a quarter century of doing business, it averages
about two new hires each year – bad economy or not.

“We’ve had
some good growth in the market,” says Jason Goelde, its chief executive
officer. “Even in this down economy we have sustained our growth.”

40 of
the IT firm’s employees are based out of its Troy office. The company
is looking to expand again in the near future as it looks for the right

“I think time will tell with the economy the way it
is,” Goelde says. “We have some stuff in the pipeline that should help
our growth.”

The company helps manage phones and computers,
along with selling the associated technology. It has been able to turn
the economy in its favor, attracting companies cutting back on their IT
departments to save costs. MBM Computer System Solutions has been ready
to step in and pick up the slack.

Source: Jason Goelde, CEO of MBM Computer System Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke