Troy-based Dynamic Advisory Solutions adds 10 jobs

Ren Carlton has a goal for Dynamic Advisory Solutions. He wants the Troy-based firm to become the No. 1 provider of CFO services in the U.S.

“Our goal is to go national, instead of relying on work predominantly in Metro Detroit,” says Carlton, president & CEO of Dynamic Advisory Solutions.

The 13-year-old company has been signing up more mass distribution partners for its services. It currently has two out-of-state affiliates in Florida and North Carolina. That sort of expansion has allowed the company to hire 10 people over the last year, growing its staff to 25 employees and the occasional intern.

Dynamic Advisory Solutions has watched its revenue grow by 40 percent over the last year as it lays the ground work to go national. It is now aiming for triple-digit growth in 2013 as it aims to sign up more distribution partners.

“I’d like to have more affiliate partners and more distribution partners,” Carlton says. “We’re looking to have 15 inside and outside of Michigan.”

Source: Ren Carlton, president & CEO of Dynamic Advisory Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke

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