Troy approves funds for multi-modal transit center

The City of Troy voted to approve an MDOT contract that will release $8.5 million in federa grant funds to build Troy’s Multi-Modal Transit Facility, which is on schedule to be completed by September 2013.

Approving the contract allows for final design, bidding and construction of a brand-new 3,000 sq. ft facility at Maple and Coolidge, a bridge leading from the facility to train tracks in Birmingham and improvements to train platforms. 20,000 passengers currently board Amtrak trains from Birmingham, a figure that’s expected to swell to 52,000 by 2037.


In the revised site plan, the platform will be constructed in the CNR right of way on the Birmingham side, where the current tracks are, and there will be no direct access to the new platform from the Birmingham side. There will be access to the bridge from the Troy side by stairs on the outside of the building or an elevator on the inside of the facility. On the Birmingham side, there will be an elevator or stairs leading down from the bridge to the platform.

Find out more about the facility here.