Trialon Corp. to hire 400 in SE Michigan

For Matthew Karajnda, recruiting isn’t just a job, but a passion.

He’s the sales manager for Troy-based recruiting firm Trialon Corp., which currently seeks to hire 400 local designers, technicians and engineers.

In his spare time, Karajnda runs Career Ministries of Michigans, which teams up with local parishes to provide help with resumes and finding new careers.


He jokes that he started the ministry because of a bet with his priest.
“I didn’t want to give up gambling for Lent when Oakland University was
in the NCAA tournament,” said the OU grad who will be receiving the
Spirit Award from the university this weekend. “So my priest told me
fine, but I had to give something back to the community. I wanted to
give back to the unemployed. That’s when I hosted my first workshop.”

Check out Trialon’s open positions here, or read the rest of the story.