T-Tech Solutions start-up expands, adds new employees

To say T-Tech Solutions has a brain trust might be a bit of an understatement.

Troy-based IT firm started when its founder, Tony Haddad, completed his
doctorate of business administration last year. His dissertation was
about implementing an effective leadership within a technology
organization, a logical choice for a 10-year veteran of the IT game.
His business focuses on the IT needs of everything from small
businesses to auto suppliers to health-care companies.

quickly grew the company, adding two more brains by the end of last
year. He’s kept the company strong so far this year, adding yet a
couple more techies.

Haddad hopes to continue that
rapid-yet-steady growth this year and keep adding staff to accompany
that growth. He is looking for “entrepreneurial spirited individuals”
to come aboard this year.

He wouldn’t mind if they turned out to be the smart guys and gals in the room either?

Source: Tony Haddad, founder of T-Tech Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke