Students showcase boomerangs in Popular Woodworking

Troy high school students become experts in boomerangs.


For the last five years, Trevor Smith, a physics teacher at Troy High
School, has worked on a class project constructing boomerangs to teach
his students about aeronautics in a hands-on way.

The students
are encouraged to choose their own design for their boomerangs, but
they must use their physics lessons to create a working boomerang that
they can demonstrate outside for the class.

After teaching the
project for years and studying Web sites about boomerangs, Smith has
become almost an expert on the subject. Last year, his friend
Christopher Schwarz, editor of Popular Woodworking magazine, contacted
Smith and they started e-mailing back and forth about his class and
making boomerangs.

“At first, I just thought he had a personal
interest in boomerangs. I had no idea this would turn into a five-page
article,” Smith says.

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