Retail 3 opens up in Troy with 52 new jobs

Troy-based Retail 3 has three focuses
when it comes to building businesses — retail strategy, retail
activation, and retail metrics. It’s where the new advertising firm’s name comes from.

“It’s the best time to
start a company like this,” says Harold Kobakof, president of Retail 3.
“Retail has never been tougher than it is right now and every dollar
needs to be maximized.”

The new company has a staff of 52, many
of whom come from BBDO Worldwide, the former ad house for Chrysler. It hopes to
grow its staff as the company establishes itself as a national
advertising firm.

3 uses a proprietary system to analyze the productivity of every
marketing effort. The idea is to identify what drives traffic and
advertising and how to best maximize the profit potential each

“We make a connection between the message, the medium
and the sale,” says Kobakof.

Source: Harold Kobakof,
president of Retail 3

Writer: Jon Zemke