Option2Air transforms alternative to flying into a start-up

The stereotypical flying experience involves long waits, loud terminals, and sketchy Internet access, which often adds up to an expensive time waste for businesses. The people behind Option2Air believe they have come up with a more time-efficient traveling alternative for the business class flier.

The Troy-based start-up offers van rides for business teams to destinations within 200-400 miles of Metro Detroit. Think of these as business class vans that offer mobile office space with plenty of room to work, make calls, and Internet access in a controlled environment at a competitive price.

“There is a lot of value in sending someone to personally meet a customer,” says Sue Voyles, a spokeswoman for Option2Air. “But there is a lot of time lost in an airplane. Let’s be honest, you can’t do business in an airport.”

The company got its start offering this service in Michigan earlier this spring. It recently expanded to destinations in Ohio and Indiana and is planning to expand further out in the Midwest.

The cost of the service is based on the number of people transported and miles traveled. Option2Air will also pick up customers at their home, office, or location of their choosing and drop them off where they need to go.

“We are a great option to airplanes,” Voyles says.

The company started with a handful of hires and is working with a flexible staffing method, which allows it to grow or shrink depending on the demand. However, it does hope to add more people later this year as it continues to assert itself in the business transportation market.

Source: Sue Voyles, a spokeswoman for Option2Air
Writer: Jon Zemke