Omega Solutions HR firm expands to Troy, commits to Michigan

Omega Solutions, an international human resources firm based in Michigan, has expanded to a new Troy location to keep up with growth in a field it got into 12 years ago.

In that time, Omega Solutions has grown to serve 25,000 clients and co-employers — as they’re called — across the country and in Canada, Guam, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Technically, Omega Solutions is a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO. It not only handles payroll, benefits and other employee services and programs but also takes on the liability that can come with human resources management, says Omega Solutions CEO Craig Sherman.

“It’s a great way for an employer to focus on their core service or their product,” says Maria Silaminanos, a managing member of Omega Solutions. “Human resources is what we do best.”

The number of businesses partnering with Omega run the gamut, from restaurants to engineering firms. New clientele keeps growing, so much so that Omega expanded to a second office at the Top of Troy building and made it the company headquarters. The Troy location joins the operations center in Shelby Township. Some employees moved from Shelby to Troy and new ones were hired. The firm has 40 employees.

“We really wanted to build a bridge between the two counties …We wanted to expand our footprint,” says Silamianos. The husband-and-wife team of Sherman and Silaminanos run the company. She grew up in Macomb County. He grew up in Oakland.

The Troy office will be the site of sales ad accounting and also put the company, which has recently acquired non-licensed competitors due to the new state licensing laws for the PEO industry, in a strategic position for growth.

“We continue to hire. We’ve brought on several people this year,” Sherman says,  “and we continue to add every year as we grow.”

Even with the option of locating anywhere as the company grows, Sherman and Silamianos say Michigan is where they want to be.

“We love Michigan,” Sherman says. “Given the type of business we have we can operate anywhere in the country…Michigan has a skilled workforce. It’s a great place to live. There’s a lot of opportunity here in Michigan that the rest of the country is missing out on.”

Source: Craig Sherman and Maria Silamianos, CEO and managing member of Omega Solutions
Writer: Kim North Shine