MyInsuranceExpert expands into life insurance, adds 10 jobs was cruising along
in its first year, employing 90 people who helped individuals find
health-insurance plans. Then the health-care reform laws took place, cutting in half the Troy-based firm’s average compensation per policy.

with shrinking revenue streams,
MyInsuranceExpert reinvented itself as the life-insurance version of its
former self. That forced it to shrink to 40 people, but allowed it to
regroup for future growth.

“It was a defining moment for us,” says Lorne Zalesin, CEO of MyInsuranceExpert. “It was clear that it was a must have, not a maybe. It was either change or go out of business in the next 18 months.”

change quickly turned into new jobs. MyInsuranceExpert has hired 10
people over the last few months and hopes to hire another 100 people
over the next year. The company sold 900 term life insurance policies in
its first month and now ranks in the Top 20 in its industry.

“Our goal is to be the second-biggest company in the next 18 months,” Zalesin says.

Source: Lorne Zalesin, CEO of MyInsuranceExpert
Writer: Jon Zemke

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