hires 45, wants to add 50 more

Three years ago Lorne Zalesin and two
colleagues saw a demand in need of satisfying and went for it. The
result is, one of Metro Detroit’s fastest-growing

The Troy-based firm now employs 65 people after
hiring 45 last year. It now plans 50 more hires this year, starting
with a friend-of-employee recruiting session later this month. As far
as Zalesin and his partners are concerned, the sky is the limit for’s growth prospects.

“The market is exponentially growing right now,” Zalesin says. “There is a lot of opportunity.”

trio had been working for a health insurance company specializing in
growth plans when they saw the demand for individual health insurance
plans. They struck out on their own soon after and found their pot of
start-up gold at the end of that rainbow.

The company helps
individuals find the best health insurance package for their needs.
That often leads to rates that are much less than if they did the
searching themselves. MyInsuranceExpert has become so good at this that
it is now the second largest company in a rapidly growing sector.

“It’s very targeted to the client looking for health insurance,” Zalesin says.

Source: Lorne Zalesin, CEO of
Writer: Jon Zemke