My eStore App launches out of Troy, plans to expand staff

My eStore App has gotten its start, launching its e-commerce software. Now the Troy-based startup is trying to take that next step, gaining traction in the market.

The 6-month-old firm has about 110 users taking advantage of its free Beta offering. The company hopes to cross the 1,000 user mark within the next year, growth that would allow it to hire its first employee.

“It’s growing slowly, but it is growing,” says Michael Mikhjian, founder of My eStore App.

My eStore App’s technology provides e-commerce software for businesses. Mikhjian has focused on making the software easily installable with a simple backend for its users. “It’s literally plug-and-play,” he says.

My eStore App’s e-commerce software also works directly on its client’s site so customers aren’t redirected to other support sites. That means that My eStore App provides hosted database, cloud data storage, cache optimization, free lifetime system upgrades, iPad compatibility, an easy frag and drop builder and zero transaction fees.

“It works with your system right away,” Mikhjian says.

Mikhjian plans to continue upgrading and fleshing out the software this year. He expects his continued growth will allow him to add to his staff to continue the development of the software.

Source: Michael Mikhjian, founder of My eStore App
Writer: Jon Zemke

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