Music start-up Panache Group expands in the Midwest

Two types of musicians stood out to Jonas
Pascua when he started the Panache Group five years ago.

There were the really talented ones who had horrible business models and
even worse customer service skills. And then there were the ones who
weren’t quite as talented but had great business acumen.

decided to bridge those two stereotypes with a new live music start-up.
It provides software that makes it easy for customers to book acts and
for the artists to give the best performance possible.

“No one
has ever taken a strategic approach to creating a brand for live music,”
Pascua says.

Most artists who utilize Panache’s services (Pascua
is a violinist) are classically trained. Think string quartets and the
like that can play everything from traditional classical music to

The Troy-based firm has been able to take over the
Michigan market and move into Chicago and Cleveland over the last year.
It is looking at expanding into Indiana this year. That has allowed
Panache to expand to three employees and 180 musicians. It hopes to add
one or two more employees and 80 musicians to its roster in 2010.


Jonas Pascua, CEO and president of Panache Group
Writer: Jon