Miller Media adds 3 more staffers in Troy

The industrial sector appears to be the last frontier for media firms looking to spread the gospel about the Internet revolution, and Miller Media is carving out its niche doing just that.

The Troy-based media company got its start 30 some years ago as a print company. About 15 years ago it started to make the transition to the digital sphere and has evolved into a firm that helps businesses with search-engine optimization and how to use things like Google Adwords. The company has made most of its growth gains by educating older industrial companies about the latest trends in web technology.

“There is so much opportunity out there, especially in industrial,” says Lisa Brusate, managing partner of Miller Media. “The fun part of my job is learning about these manufacturers and how their products are made. They’re all so proud. There is so much passion because they built their companies from the ground up.”

Growth from those sorts of companies allowed Miller Media to double in size each year over the last three years. It has hired three people since 2011, expanding its staff to 10 employees. It has also become a certified partner with Google.

Source: Lisa Brusate, managing partner of Miller Media
Writer: Jon Zemke

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