Midcoast Studios adds 5 new hires, expands Troy office

Midcoast Studios got its start in 1984 doing commercial photography work. The Troy-based firm still does that, but it has really grown in the last few years thanks to its expansion into CGI (computer-generated imagery) work.

That new work has allowed the company to go from three employees in 2005 to 21 today, along with a handful of independent contractors. It has hired five people over the last year.

“It makes sense with the skill set here,” says Jay Dunstan, CGI manager for Midcoast Studios. “A lot of the basic tenants of CGI are also in photography.”

The company has expanded its office space in Troy and hopes to continue hiring.

“We’ve been really responsible with our growth,” Dunstan says. “We haven’t been overstepping like some other companies, but we haven’t been too careful.”

Source: Jay Dunstan, CGI manager for Midcoast Studios
Writer: Jon Zemke

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