Merrill Corp opens new office in Troy, creates 3 jobs

Merrill Corp is opening an office in Troy, a move that will mean three new jobs in Metro Detroit now and a few more over the next year.

“Merrill was impressed with the potential of the Michigan business community,” says Fred Wendell, Michigan market manager for Merrill Corp, a tech services provider. “The corporations here are in growth mode.”

Merrill Corp, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, provides technology-enabled services for financial, health care, real estate and legal firms, among others. Its new office in Troy consists of 1,500 square feet in the Columbia Center building. Wendell says the company hopes to expand its market share here over the next year or two so it can grow to the point of building its own office building.

“We’re looking for continued growth that will allow for additional investments here,” Wendell says.

Source: Fred Wendell, Michigan market manager for Merrill Corp
Writer: Jon Zemke

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This article previously appeared in Metromode.