Media Genesis and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra stretch the boundaries of going to the Symphony

Watching a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert has now become much easier – you can now watch from the comfort of your own home or office.The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, DSO, partnered with Media Genesis, a Troy-based Internet services firm, to create an interactive viewing environment to broadcast “Live from Orchestra Hall,” a series of live HD concert webcasts.

The DSO said that it’s the only U.S. orchestra to offer a series of free webcasts and its last webcast was viewed by nearly 5,500 people.  Since launching the series in April 2011, more than 30,000 viewers in over 40 countries have tuned in to Live from Orchestra Hall.

Media Genesis designed the webcast page to immerse the viewer in the concert and give them the illusion of watching right from one of Orchestra Hall’s red theater chairs. Viewers can even dim the lights to imitate the lights lowering in a real concert.

Media Genesis built and programmed the webcast page to give users to the ability to Tweet comments about the concert, interact with other concert viewers and follow the #DSOLive feed – all from the same page.  Views can also click to see a full schedule of upcoming webcasts and add them straight to their online calendar.

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