JobApp Network has record growth, new jobs

The higher the unemployment rate goes, the taller the job application stack. And that’s a good thing for JobApp Network.

Troy-based firm creates automated software that lets employers of
hourly workers sort through applications quicker and more efficiently
to find the best employee. Firms ranging from fast food to the U.S.
Census use JobApp Network’s tools to find new workers.

So far
JobApp Network represents 1,600 hiring client locations and just signed
another 27 multi-unit client agreements. This has allowed it to record
its fifth straight quarter of revenue growth at a time when many other
companies have seen the opposite occur.

JobApp Network has
also expanded its staff to about 30 people and an intern. It hopes to
keep expanding its staff by 15 percent this year and next.

A key
way of doing that is by expanding its product line. The firm not only
processes applications but helps businesses claim tax credits for
hiring those employees under the federal Work Opportunity tax credit.
That means thousands of dollars in savings for businesses like

“Everything is tied together in one continous
hiring solution,” says Blake Helppie, CEO of JobApp Network. “It’s
something few companies, I think none, offer today.”

Source: Blake Helppie, CEO of JobApp Network
Writer: Jon Zemke