iDashboards hires 25 as it continues triple-digit growth streak

Condense iDashboards growth numbers and two things jump out, triple digit revenue increases and double-digit hiring sprees.

“We’re on an almost 100 percent growth pattern,” says Tim Barr, director of cloud sales for iDashboards. “It’s phenomenal. We’re growing in all areas.”

The Troy-based business create real-time interactive computer dashboards for businesses. The personalized dashboards analyze, track and organize a wealth of data into critical informational tidbits for companies. It has experienced a large amount of its growth after opening a cloud-computing division about a year ago.

That has allowed the 9-year-old firm to double its staff in the last 18 months, including 25 new hires in the last year. The new hires are being made in all sections of the company, including sales, software consultants, accounting and administration.

“When you’re growing it means everything has to grow with you,” Barr says. “We’re still hiring.”

Source: Tim Barr, director of cloud sales for iDashboards
Writer: Jon Zemke  

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