Genesis10 hires nearly 150 in Troy, plans to hire 100 more

Genesis10 continues its growth spring in Troy, hiring almost 150 IT workers over the last year and gearing up to hire another 100 this year.

The onshoring IT firm specializes in bringing IT work, once off shored to the likes of India, back to the U.S.. It’s kicking off its latest hiring spree with a three-day job fair next week at its Troy offices. Company officials expect to make continue hiring over the rest of this year.

“The Troy offices have been growing at a very healthy pace,” says Ami Sarnowski, managing director of domestic onshoring for Genesis10.

The company started in Troy in 2010 with a handful of people. It now has a staff of almost 150 and is looking to add interns this year. That staff handles 130 clients who have moved up from role onshoring (providing individuals to support projects) to team onshoring where teams of IT professionals oversee entire projects.

Genesis10 has also created a veterans outreach program to help bring more military veterans into its workforce and the IT sector in general. The program has so far helped 50 veterans and expects to help even more as Genesis10 continues to hire at an accelerated pace.

“We’re pretty excited about the prospect of continuing to grow in Troy because of the high-caliber of technical professionals available in the market,” Sarnowski says.

Source: Ami Sarnowski, managing director of domestic onshoring for Genesis10
Writer: Jon Zemke

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