E Z C Enterprises creates CD cases people can actually find

Most people need a close inspection to locate a favorite CD or leaf through their shelves to find a burned CD. E Z C Enterprises plans to make that easier.

Troy-based firm is the brainchild of Craig Richardson, its owner and
sole employee. Richardson created a CD case that people with normal
vision can read from 5 feet away. It even allows users to insert
braille for blind people.

Richardson was inspired after he had
trouble locating a particular CD. He made some cases for his collection
and decided to start his own business after showing them off.

“My friends saw them and they wanted them,” Richardson says.

currently has a patent pending on the technology and expects to start
manufacturing it soon. The new product could hit the market before the
end of the year. It’s even up for the da Vinci Awards.

don’t expect big changes at E Z C Enterprises if and when its marquee
product hits it big. Richardson plans to keep it as a one-man operation
for the foreseeable future.

Source: Craig Richardson, owner E Z C Enterprises
Writer: Jon Zemke