Dishkin strives to become Groupon for local eateries

Dishkin is a Troy-based start-up that wants to become the Groupon equivalent for local restaurants and eateries.

The nine-month-old firm uses the same online formula as the Chicago-based Groupon but is focusing on providing those online-discount services to local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Dishkin’s co-founders chose that market because one of them, CEO Donny Minchillo, has years of experience in the food-service sector.

“I feel this is the key to success,” Minchillo says. “Do what you know.”

Dishkin plans to personally work with local eateries to maximize not only the discounts, but to drive more traffic to their websites and places of business. So far the company has featured 30 different businesses since it launched in May, mostly in Metro Detroit.

The start-up currently has two employees, one independent contractor and an intern. It has two open sales positions and plans to add more people as it gears up to go national within the next year after it perfects its business model in Metro Detroit.

Source: Donny Minchillo, CEO of Dishkin
Writer: Jon Zemke

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