Digitaleo now has North American HQ in Troy

Digitaleo has chosen Troy as the new home for its North American headquarters, establishing two employees in an office there this week.

The company choose Metro Detroit so it could focus on winning automotive-based work. Another factor is the area’s proximity to automotive dealer leadership. And then there is the talent base in the area and its high quality of life.

“We really felt it was attractive to our employees,” says Mark Bowman, vice president of Digitaleo. “It has great shopping and food. We felt it was a location people would want to work in.”

The France-based company plans to grow its staff from two employees and an intern to five staffers and a few interns within a year. This could grow to up to 20 people in the not too distant future. The European office employs more than 20 today and is aiming at breaking the 30-person barrier this year.

Digitaleo is an SMS company, meaning it deals in short message services. It sent 1.5 million text messages in Europe last year and expects that number to grow both overseas and in North America.

Source: Mark Bowman, vice president of Digitaleo
Writer: Jon Zemke