Desire, determination lead Troy students to marching’s major leagues

Drum Corp International, based in Indianapolis, describes itself as “marching’s major leagues.” It’s the arena where bugleists and drummers from across the nation vie to perform; attending camps and practicing hours for the chance to perform with an elite corps of students age 14-21.

Several Troy High and Troy Athens students were chosen by Kalamazoo’s Legends Drum & Bugle Corps, as well as other regional outfits, for six weeks of performances (not to mention 16-18 hour days in the summer heat) across the Midwest. The grueling days of marching in uniform under the hot summer sun only increased their determination.


Alex Bidolli, a 2010 Athens graduate, played baritone with Legends this summer. Bidolli said he initially joined because “it looked cool,” and he wanted to be a better musician. He said he learned, through the experience, that the same principles that make a successful corps member — discipline, drive and taking a professional approach to solve problems — would enable him to “do anything in the real world.”

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