Center for Professional Studies churns out new careers for engineers

The Center for Professional Studies used
to focus on business training for companies looking to sharpen their
performance. Then the economy took a turn for the worse, taking the
Center’s business with it and forcing the Troy-based firm to change

Today the 17-year-old company focuses on training out of
work automotive engineers for new careers. The school, which has always
been a licensed learning institute, gives these engineers
certifications in new fields, mostly in product design or development.

“The jobs they pick up are all design and engineering products that aren’t automotive,” says Daryl Patrishkoff, CEO of Center for Professional Studies.

Since this summer, 59 students have enrolled, with 22 of them
already finding new jobs. “We’re enrolling new people every week,”
Patrishkoff says.

The Center’s plan is to keep this going for
the next year or so until the economy bounces back. Once it does, the
plans are to go back to business development education.

Source: Daryl Patrishkoff, CEO of Center for Professional Studies
Writer: Jon Zemke