Basso Design Group adds 5 staff, wants to hire 5-6 more

Every year becomes the best year for Basso
Design Group, and that’s a good thing for the Troy-based firm.

Internet marketing company has enjoyed steady growth in its seven
years, even through the recent recession. It now employs a dozen people
and three interns after adding four jobs and an intern over the last
year. It expects to add another 5-6 positions over the next year.

having our best year this year,” says Dan Santonocito, co-founder of Basso Design Group.
“We’re on a nice little roll where every year is our best year. 2009
was our best year and 2010 is killing that year so far.”

company is focusing on building the next generation of websites for its
customers and also focusing on social media services, such as managing
Facebook pages for businesses. It even recently launched its own video
game, Aftermath, where the player goes through a post-apocalyptic
world that just happens to have Basso
Design Group’s
brand hidden throughout it.

“That has spawned
a lot of awards and a lot of interest in this sort of marketing,”
Santonocito says.

Source: Dan Santonocito, co-founder of Basso
Design Group

Writer: Jon Zemke