Andover Wellness shoots for new jobs via vaccine offerings

Ira Margolis always wanted to make a living and help people. Now he’s doing both at the same time with his new company, Andover Wellness Group.

The Troy-based firm provides vaccines such as flu shots through vaccination events, mobile flu clinics, churches, and businesses. “Basically, I’m bringing the vaccine to the people instead of sending people to the doctor’s office,” Margolis says.

The 8-month-old company now has four employees and a handful of independent contractors after starting with just two on staff. Right now the firm is distributing 4,000 doses of flu vaccine and expects to order more this year. He hopes to reach 40,000 flu shots, offer a variety of preventative medicines, and expand his staff to 20 people by next year.

“We’re really planning on expanding through marketing and education,” Margolis says.

Source: Ira Margolis, CEO of Andover Wellness Group
Writer: Jon Zemke

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