Altair Engineering opens Troy data center to manage icloud

Altair Engineering

, a 26-year-old company that provides specialized software and consulting services to the fields of engineering, computing and enterprise analytics, has opened a new data center in Troy, just over three miles from its world headquarters.

The company says the “exceptionally high-powered data center” that equates to a scientific super computer will manage its growing Hyper Works on Demand cloud-based, computer-aided engineering program for companies that rely on high-performance computing to run their operations.

The data center, among other services, gives companies several software solutions and cloud computing that can permit as many as 150 engineering jobs to run at once. The data center should be operational within the next several weeks.

“Companies often turn to HyperWorks On-Demand because they have outgrown their internal capacity or do not have the resources internally to manage high-performance computing equipment,” Altair Chief Information Officer Martin Nichols says. “HyperWorks On-Demand provides all our products as a cloud service, and this data center allows us to scale up to provide much larger on-demand clusters for our customers. ”

“Our HyperWorks On-Demand data center essentially fits the power of an entire building of high-performance computers into a single room, making it feasible now for medium to large-sized organizations to access substantial computing resources via Altair’s private cloud,” Nichols says. “The compute-power density of this center is phenomenal, far higher than that of a standard commercial data center. Altair’s is much more similar to a scientific super-computing installation.”

Construction on the the data center finished last week. It features extensive physical and cyber security measures and is monitored inside and out by video surveillance, night-vision cameras and sensors. Firewall devices protect data.

Altair has 1,500 employees in offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Source: Jenn Korail, account supervisor Airfoil Public Relations
Writer: Kim North Shine