AET Integration moves to Troy

AET Integration, Inc

. is a technology firm specializing in research, development, engineering, and testing of materials, welding/joining, and forming.  AET has also developed a unique customized data mining software tool entitled KnowledgeClick. This software can be adapted for many different functions in the engineering community.  The local automotive and engineering companies will benefit from this tool.
Due to its growth, AET relocated its facility from Wixom to a 22,500 square-foot building at 1775 Crooks Rd. just north of Maple Rd. “Troy was a logical location for us to move our expanding business,” states Cindy Jiang, founding owner and president of AET, “The location is convenient for our customers and there are many other progressive engineering businesses in this area. In addition, we see the city of Troy as a place for growth and innovation.” 
 The new facility features expanded office and laboratory areas for placement of state-of-the-art equipment which makes AET ready for continued growth in cutting-edge technology development. AET now offers more engineering services for advanced materials characterization, new manufacturing technology research and development, engineering testing, and failure analysis.
AET’s main customers are in the state of Michigan. In addition to the R&D and engineering community of the automotive industry,  AET also works on projects from the United States Department of Energy, National Labs, energy, heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, home appliance companies, and material manufacturers. The team at AET is already enjoying working in Troy and supporting the community.