118id adds six jobs, plans on five more

118id isn’t a name one expects to see for a
business, but makes a lot of sense for the Troy-based firm. Mark
Powers, president & CEO of 118id, chose it because 118 octane is the
name for a high-performance racing fuel, and that’s just what he wants
his business to be for its online customers.

focuses on helping clients maximize their online presence through a
number of digital strategies, design, and software services. The
7-year-old company takes a snapshot of performance and turns its
benchmarked numbers into easily digestible reports for its customers.

“We can really get a pulse on the performance and start pushing the needle in the right direction,” Powers says.

strategy has allowed the firm to capture a huge bump in revenue and
hire six people last year. It currently has a dozen employees and one
intern. It hopes to add five more jobs to its roster this year.

“This year we’re looking to grow quite a bit,” Powers says.

Source: Mark Powers, president & CEO of 118id
Writer: Jon Zemke

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