Southfield’s Recycling Authority gets $4 million face-lift

With a $4 million renovation investment beginning Oct. 1, Southfield’s
Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of South Oakland County will
make the act of recycling even easier for Oakland County residents.

The facility plans to change from a dual-stream to a single stream
system. A dual-stream system requires customers to sort their paper,
plastic and glass goods at the curb. With a single stream, everything
goes from one container into one truck.


A single stream system requires more attention to sorting, he said, so
modern technology will be installed to help accomplish that. The
technology includes optical sorters for sorting plastics, air
classifiers to sort heavy and light items, eddy currents to attract
aluminum, magnets to attract things that contain iron, and a series of
disc screens that will allow material of different sizes to continue on
through the process as other sizes fall through onto separate conveyors.

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