Southfield physical therapy program gets some love from PBS

One Southfield fitness center’s rehabilitation program for injured and
disabled patients won them some acclaim from none other than PBS.
Fitness Therapy Unlimited was featured in a 15-minute PBS documentary
“A Wider World,” which aired in metro Detroit area  on
May 31.

FTU was founded by Greg Kirk of Macomb Township six years ago
out of his desire to help patients beyond their physical therapy
training following an accident. The athletic trainer works long-term
with patients to help them with weight loss, whole-body conditioning and
regaining mobility.


Kirk focuses on conditioning the whole body and improving the overall
health and wellness of an individual. Many patients have gained 20-50
pounds of extra weight following serious injuries, Kirk said, and have
developed chronic back pain because of the weight.

“A lot of what we do is preventative therapy as well – like preventing
the onset of diabetes,” he said. “We want to show people out there that
not only does life go on after an accident, but you can be mobile. There
are ways to burn calories in a wheelchair. There are ways to get the
body moving.”

Miss the PBS series? Check out FTU’s video channel or click here to read the rest of the article.