Southfield Fire Department receives improved Class 2 rating from Insurance Services Office

The Southfield Fire Department received a Class 2 rating in the latest Public Protection Classification (PPC) program sponsored by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Southfield previously held a Class 3 rating.

Southfield joins just four other cities in Michigan with a Class 2 rating. The new rating, which takes effect May 1, 2018, places Southfield in the top 0.5 percent of 1,887 rated Michigan communities and the top four percent of the entire nation.

“Under the leadership of Chief Menifee, the Southfield Fire Department has continued to improve operational and organizational efficiencies,” commented City Administrator Fred Zorn. “Southfield residents and businesses are clearly protected by one of the finest fire and emergency medical response departments in the country.”

ISO’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) program helps to establish fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties by analyzing relevant data using a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. Classifications are assigned from 1 to 10, with Class 1 representing exemplary public protection and Class 10 indicating that a municipality’s fire protection program doesn’t meet minimum standards.

“Upgrading our ISO rating is a great accomplishment that proves our department is improving its service delivery system, fire prevention activities and ultimately making the community a safer place to live, work and play,” stated Southfield Fire Chief Johnny Menifee. “This evaluation gives us measurable benchmarking statistics that the department can build on.”

The Class 2 rating for Southfield’s Fire Department may lower insurance rates for property owners in both Southfield and Lathrup Village, where the Department also provides full fire and EMS service. Insurance policy holders for properties within the Southfield Fire Department’s service area can contact their insurance provider to determine how the new classification may impact premiums.

“The men and women of the department have improved attentiveness to firefighter fitness and overall health, updated the department’s processes to include computer and GPS technology, introduced a new training model and implemented uniform industry standards to enhance firefighter safety,” added Chief Menifee. “I’m very proud of the progress the Fire Department has made through their great teamwork and dedication.”

For more information, contact the Southfield Fire Department at (248) 796-5600.