Southfield farm reaps harvest for the hungry

The Emanuel Community Garden in Southfield has already cultivated 2,300
lbs of fresh organic produce, but they don’t plan on stopping there.

The community garden, which is made possible through a partnership
between the Emanuel Lutheran Church and the Southfield Parks &
Garden Club, donates all the fresh fruit and vegetables to Forgotten

They’re looking for volunteers — so garden lovers, grab a pair of
gloves and head down to one of Oakland County’s most productive urban


Sharon Hall, 63, a Southfield resident for nearly 20 years, usually
spends about six hours a week at the farm. She’s been working on the
effort since day one.

“It’s a really good thing,” Hall said. “I really think that now
especially there needs to be help given to people who are struggling
financially — there are people trying to keep a roof over their head.
It’s a struggle. All the produce goes to help hungry people. We go into
the store and buy our fresh vegetables and all that, but there’s a lot
of people that don’t have that option. They just don’t get the same kind
of nutrients that people who have more income can get.”

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