Secure-24 hires 92 in Southfield including 28 so far this year

Double is becoming an increasingly common word at Secure-24. The Southfield-based IT firm has doubled in size over the last year and has practically doubled the size of its staff in the same time.

“This year we have two major clients so we will be doubling in size again,” says Stephanie Goodrich, staffing manager for Secure-24.

Secure-24 has hired 92 people over the last year, including 28 so far this year. The 11-year-old firm now has a staff of 230 people and about a dozen interns. It currently has openings for tech jobs (24 positions), sales (14 positions) and back office (five positions) that it plans to fill as soon as possible. Of its hires, half have been of young people, which the firm calls junior-level talent. Another 30 percent have been senior level (management) talent.

“It’s very exciting,” Goodrich says. “I am very proud to be a part of this growing organization.”

Secure-24 provides IT services for a wide range of industries, including financial, payroll and logistic services, among others. Its founders, Matthias Horch and Volker Straub, relocated from Germany and chose Metro Detroit over California.

For information on Secure-24’s job openings, click here.

Source: Stephanie Goodrich, staffing manager for Secure-24
Writer: Jon Zemke

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