Saphran Solutions introduces capacity and asset planning system

Saphran Solutions, a Michigan-based developer of management software programs, is introducing a new capacity and asset planning system to help companies more accurately forecast product demand and reduce costs.
Saphran’s proprietary software program, CapacityBase, simulates and evaluates multiple product-demand scenarios to map out a company’s short and long-term capital investment plans to maximize returns. The new software allows manufacturers to more effectively manage assets, avoid future risk and reduce costs.
“Our CapacityBase solution gives original-equipment manufacturers, especially automotive suppliers, invaluable forecast information for capital asset planning and management,” said Ken Bassey, Saphran’s founder and CEO.  “Our software allows suppliers to better manage their assets, eliminate unnecessary costs and identify potential trouble spots.
“The efficient use of capital assets is critical to business success. When Saphran’s management programs are integrated with a company’s legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems such as SAP or Plex, they provide senior executives with the most accurate and detailed forecast-demand information available today.”
Other Saphran management software programs and modules include:

  • PartBase – Active Demand Forecasting:  A forecasting tool that seamlessly integrates external market data from multiple sources.
  • QuoteBase – Estimating and Quotation Management:  Improves the ability to collaboratively develop quotes with “what if” scenarios and sourcing options.
  • ConnectBase – Real Time Integration:  Enterprise data integration with synchronization and automated matching capabilities.
  • CostBase – Margin Management:  Integrates cost, price and margin information for improved analysis.
  • IntelligenceBase – Data Warehouse/Cube Analytics: Provides external and internal Key Predictive Performance Indicators (KPPIs) for on-demand analysis and reporting.
  • Interactive Management Dashboard – Real time “drill-down” analytics for identifying key factors impacting business performance.

 “Capital and capacity are two areas that traditionally have been poorly managed,” noted Don Stilwell, Saphran’s vice president of Sales and Business Development. “Companies that can find ways to more effectively manage these important assets will gain a major competitive advantage.
“Our products help companies use capital assets much more effectively by integrating critical external and internal management information in a single system to improve decision-making processes to an extent never before possible.”
About Saphran Solutions
Founded in 2004, Saphran Solutions is located in Southfield, Michigan.  An independent software developer, the company helps automotive suppliers and other manufacturers achieve dramatic efficiencies and increased profitability by narrowing the gap between business planning and performance.
The company’s software modules are designed for original equipment suppliers with sales of between $50 million and $20 billion.  Saphran’s software programs can be implemented quickly; pay for themselves within three to six months; provide significant competitive advantages, and help protect and increase profit margins.  More information about Saphran is available at