McFarlan and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan sign letter of intent

McFarlan Charitable Corporation (McFarlan) and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) have announced their signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) effective May 17, 2016.  The LOI formally expresses their mutual expectations regarding the establishment of a future relationship involving a comprehensive Executive Leadership and Management Services Agreement between the two organizations.  McFarlan and PVM intend to prepare and execute a Management Agreement no later than May 31, 2016
In 1926 The McFarlan Home was established to provide housing for single, older women in an area adjacent to downtown Flint and near the Cultural Center.  In 1976, The McFarlan Home moved from its original home, which is now a museum facility known as the Whaley Historical House, to next door on Kearsley Street.  The McFarlan Home is a well-maintained 29-unit assisted living facility for women (State licensed home for the aged).
In 2011 The McFarlan Home acquired two nearby apartment buildings known as Court Street Village (CSV) East (150 units) and Court Street Village (CSV) West (106 units).  These buildings are occupied by moderate to low income seniors, who are able to live independently.
In 2013 The McFarlan Home transferred all properties and investments to various subsidiary organizations. The McFarlan Home was renamed the McFarlan Charitable Corporation (McFarlan), a Michigan nonprofit corporation, to better reflect the work it does.  All the residential facilities are supported by McFarlan, which provides amenities and services to the residents.                                                                                                                             
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM), based in Southfield – Michigan, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1945.  It currently serves over 4,500 seniors of all financial means across the State in 28 diverse communities (urban, suburban, rural and resort areas).  Its mission is to serve seniors of all faiths and to create new possibilities for quality living, and its vision is to positively transform senior living and services and enhance the communities it serves.
McFarlan and PVM anticipate that an Executive Director for McFarlan will be employed by PVM and provide leadership, strategy, and direction to achieve McFarlan’s mission, will represent McFarlan (and PVM) in the Flint community, and will be responsible for all aspects of McFarlan’s operations, including finances, personnel, marketing, community and government relations.  The Executive Director will also closely coordinate and actively engage with management and other professional resources provided by PVM to McFarlan.  The Executive Director will have a dual reporting relationship to both the McFarlan Board of Directors and to the PVM President/CEO.  A recruitment process has been launched and interested individuals are invited to visit for more information.
Robert Bessert, President and Chair of the McFarlan Board of Directors, stated “The Board of McFarlan Charitable Corporation is thrilled to enter into this Management Agreement with PVM.  Because of our similar missions, PVM will be able to begin managing McFarlan with little disruption.  We look forward to our future relationship”.  Roger Myers, PVM President and CEO, commenting on the LOI said, “PVM is looking forward to working closely with the McFarlan Charitable Corporation and to strengthening its impressive 90 year legacy of providing quality services to Flint area seniors.  We are excited about the prospects of sharing PVM’s professional experiences and leadership resources, along with becoming engaged with a broad set of community stakeholders.”