LTU welcomes Ockham’s Wedge sculpture

Lawrence Technological University has a quad area in its Southfield campus near the Taubman Student Services Center. A nice tranquil place that is dotted with landscaping and small pieces of public art, but in need of something more.

“We had an area that has a circular walk and begged to have something in it to finish off,” says Carey Valentine, director of facilities for Lawrence Tech.

University officials solved that problem with the Ockham’s Wedge, a large metal sculpture donated by wealthy alumnus Alfred Taubman. The super-sized sculpture was installed earlier this month and now stands guard as one of the university’s premier pieces of art.

“This is a signature piece,” Valentine says.

It’s definitely not hard to miss. The sculpture stands about 24 feet tall and weighs 3,000 pounds. It’s designed by Beverly Pepper, a leading American sculptor known for her large steel sculptures and totem figures.

The sculpture’s name refers to William of Ockham, a 14th-century English philosopher associated with Ockham’s Razor, a principle of scientific inquiry that postulates that the simplest explanation is probably the best.

Source: Carey Valentine, director of facilities for Lawrence Technological University
Writer: Jon Zemke

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