LTU students develop products for venture capital firm

Technological University and Sargon Partners of Walled Lake have
partnered to commercialize new products developed by LTU students.

Under the agreement, when Sargon recognizes a student project with
commercialization potential, Lawrence Tech will provide
commercialization rights for a period of time, as well as supporting
information for the product’s intellectual property. Lawrence Tech will
receive a percentage of royalties in each venture, but the exact terms
will be specified in a contract for each product.

“We have developed real opportunities for the students to combine
their education with an entrepreneurial environment to show that the
students can create real products and companies,” says Jeff Golota,
managing director of Sargon Partners.

So far, Sargon has identified three products co-developed by Lawrence
Tech students: Super Squat, Electronic Leak Sensor and Sonar Parking
Assist. The company is currently seeking additional students to assume
management and continued improvement of the products.

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