LTU gets $100,000 state grant for business incubator services

The Michigan Strategic Fund has approved a $100,000 grant to Lawrence Technological University to provide support and business advice to early-stage technology companies.

This is the second year that LTU has received a state Gatekeeper Grant to assist entrepreneurs and innovators. LTU provides services through the LTU Collaboratory and its Customer to Cash program.

The LTU Collaboratory is a hands-on resource center providing education, networking, mentoring and connections to funding. The Customer to Cash program, meanwhile, helps companies take product ideas to market through innovative design thinking and the proven Business Model Canvas program.

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LTU has partnered with the City of Southfield to foster economic development through the city’s SmartZone. Based on the results from the Gatekeeper Grant, Southfield has provided the LTU Collaboratory additional support over the past year to help foster small business success.

Through the Gatekeeper Grant, the LTU Collaboratory has also strengthened its collaboration and working relationships with agencies such as the Michigan Small Business Development Centers, Automation Alley, SCORE Detroit, and other organizations.

The new Gatekeeper Grant will continue the momentum established from the first year’s award to assist the growth of early stage technology companies, especially in those companies focused on product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. Terms of the grant contract are still being

For further information on the programs, contact, Mark Brucki, executive director of the LTU Collaboratory, at