LTU adds engineering entrepreneur in residence

Bridging business and engineering isn’t
the easiest task, but it’s one that Pavan Muzumdar plans on making
easier at Lawrence Technological University.

Southfield-based school just appointed Muzumdar as its first
engineering entrepreneur in residence. The new position, funded by a
$1.1 million grant from the Kern Family Foundation over five years,
will focus on integrating an entrepreneurial mindset into the
university’s undergraduate engineering curriculum.

That will
mean everything from modifying courses to incorporate more of a
business focus to supporting the idea of tech transfer and
commercialization of Lawrence Tech’s research and ideas. He will also
work with senior engineering students on product development projects.

“I will help these students look at these products from a business
standpoint, such as defining a need, the size of the market, and at
what price point it would sell,” Muzumdar says.

Muzumdar has
an extensive business background. In 1997, the University of
Massachusetts alum left a consulting job in New York to work at
Clawson-based MV Software, Inc., where he instituted a number of
startup initiatives, such as developing a new software product from the
ground up. The India native also helped establish a wholly owned
subsidiary of the company in Mumbai, India.

He also served as
the COO of JRE Tires, a wholesale and retail distributor of tires and
wheels earlier this decade before leading the negotiations for the sale
of the company in 2006. Last year he founded Pieris Capital in
Bloomfield Hills, where he has worked on identifying opportunities for
investors, providing advisory services, and raising capital for
high-growth companies.

Source: Pavan Muzumdar, engineering entrepreneur in residence at Lawrence Technological University
Writer: Jon Zemke